Why A/B Testing in web design can’t be ignored?

Why A/B Testing in web design can’t be ignored

Having your design and SEO on the check is no enough. How to know your chances to convert the visitors into customers? You need A/B testing. The process goes hand-in-hand with the web design and scientifically figures out the visitors’ reaction through experiments, tracking results to improve conversions. An effective website design is what you truly rank higher on Google.

What is A/B Testing?

You have decided to include a certain element in your website design. The expert web design company you have hired made sure the design works. But the element is visible in two different ways to all the visitors. Half of the visitors see the original version of the website (also called the “control”) while the other half see a version (called the “treatment” or “challenger”) with the element slightly altered. The A/B testing thoroughly studies these two variants simultaneously and analyze which variant drives more conversions.

Advantages of Running A/B Tests

● It creates a better understanding of your target market/audience, their pain points, needs, and behaviors.
● It increases the amount of time spent on your site by a visitor. More attention minutes means more interaction.
● It significantly reduces the alarming bounce rates.
● It helps to improve the ROI of marketing campaigns across all channels.
● Improves overall user experience (UX).
● The testing helps in optimizing the prices by amazing the visitors’ behavior towards it.

So, as you can see the A/B testing is rather crucial to have an efficient web design and SEO plan in line. It helps to keep your budget in check as well. No matter what changes you make to your website or what your SEO service provider says, one can never be sure of the resulting conversion rate. Most of all your SEO activities are based on theory and the experience of your web services provider. They are experts for sure but they are also helpless without a thorough test.

Digital Sprout offers the A/B testing so that you can be 100% sure about the progress you make through our SEO services. Everything depends on the context. What works for others may not work for you. It is advisable to run the testing even before you launch your website. It helps to improve the chances of conversions and take a well-informed business decision. However, incorrect A/B testing can cause huge losses for eCommerce companies.

Cautions to Take for A/B Testing

The A/B testing procedure is highly complex and often misjudged as it takes much time and experience to read the results correctly. The experience is crucial as the web is full of traps when it comes to the tests. There are many misleading and invalid results that only the experienced eyes can detect. Try running the tests for a longer time for more accurate results. Sometimes, a variant might seem to win the race at first but a hasty decision to implement it can lead to losses or inconclusive results. It is also quite common in the industry to get imaginary results as many case studies are inaccurate. But don’t be disheartened. The cautions may be discouraging but the result of successfully done A/B testing is something not to miss. The economic advantages are huge.

For your SEO plans and Web design to hit the mark, search for a company that provides A/B testing to be sure. An expert web design company knows to evaluate the test results that you really need. Structured for speed and efficiency, Digital Sprout strives to pivot as fast as the digital marketplace. We understand your needs and are sworn to resolve your all SEO-related queries. Contact us now!

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