Competitive Analysis: Foundation of a Great Website Design!

Great Website Design

In the world of Website Design, competitive analysis is a critical research process you mustn’t ignore. The crucial information about your competitors is rather easily available thanks to modern technologies. No matter what your niche is, you must understand the existing market and what solutions and services your competitors are providing. A thorough competitive analysis will give you strategic insights and the customer landscape of your competitors.

By understanding what already exists, you would be better equipped to analyze what’s missing. Competitive analysis will also give you an upper hand in generating new ideas for your business.

Why You Can’t Afford to Skip This Step?

This analysis will help you to better communicate with the web designer to create the most beautiful, usable, intuitive, profitable website. In any stage of your business, it is a proven foundation process and the same goes for successful website designs.
Every business is unique and hence, paying close attention to your competitors makes it easier for designers to spot and exploit valuable opportunities. You might have visited competitive websites multiple times, but it is always advisable to look for expert eyes. At, Digital Sprout we do complete competitive analysis before starting every project. Our professionally trained analysis provides an invaluable outsider’s perspective as well.

The Major Benefits of Competitive Analysis:

Usability: Perhaps the most overlooked element of website design is to overlook the usability of any website. Many designers concentrate on the visual look of their websites so much that they neglect their overall purpose to attract visitors and convert them to customers. The analysis helps them to stay on point.

Design: An experienced web designer will study the aesthetics of your competitors’ websites closely. Take note of common color schemes, typography, and other visual elements and examine how these elements fit together to create a broader user experience.

Content: The web design should complement the content of your website. Look for information your competitors share with visitors and what they lack for. How many pages of content to include and how to display would completely depend on the thorough analysis. It will help create a successful website.

Conversion paths: Unless your website design can attract more paying customers, it is no success. While doing the analysis, designers will study how your competitors accomplish this in their website audit by reviewing CTA approaches, landing pages, and other key elements.

Performance: How quickly competitors’ websites load? Especially for e-commerce check-out areas, the loading speed is highly crucial. Website loading time is an increasingly important requirement of ranking in Google as well. Designers will use these insights to come up with fast-loading solutions.

Optimization: A competitive analysis will reveal how your competitors’ websites are optimized. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) determines organic traffic and rank for critical keywords.

This key step of Competitive analysis of your competitors’ websites can make or break your website’s. That’s why it’s an essential part of our process here at Digital Sprout. Unfortunately, this analysis is often overlooked. Now that you know, never start a web design without it.

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