5 Reasons You Can’t Underrate Typography in Website Design

5 Reasons You Can’t Underrate Typography in Website Design

With the evolution of Web, and web-based marketing and branding, typography has gained significance. The selection of style and appearance for textual content is now an integral part of website design. Learn how typography makes a difference to your audience and UX (user-experience).


In the digital age, your audience makes a perception about you with your website. The first impression is created by the look and appearance of the site, and typography along with the images contributes towards it. Typography makes your communication look reliable and beautiful, and users love to engage with the content, and website.


Font family, text alignment, letter spacing, etc. and color of font makes a brand distinct in the eyes of its consumers. What you do, and the type of audience you serve – these are the key factors that should guide your typography. If you are an art, creative and entertainment, confectionery firm, selection of funky or unconventional typography will work, but if you are on the web to market professional services like legal advice, IT consulting, etc., keep it simple or down-to-earth.


Website’s typography does the same to digital communication what body language and tone does to our real-world communication. In addition, to the literal meanings what words or phrases carry, they have some cultural and emotional attributes too.

Let’s understand it with a simple example: Good Morning, GOOD MORNING, Good Morning. Your 3 friends texted the same message to greet you one morning, but they did it with some variations in typography. The first text format simply coveys the greetings, but the second says it louder enough to get an immediate response. And, the third one says it in a playful manner. At the same time, it conveys the personas of the senders. You are most likely to reciprocate the message keeping in mind the connotation and the persona both.

The same happens online as well. It’s well known fact that feelings make human beings distinct from the rest of the creatures. Your website’s typography should convey the message with feelings if you are intended to strike a chord with the audience behind the device.

Engagement and Goal Conversion

Typography plays a critical role in user experience. All the factors we discussed so far, contribute to the trust factor. Clear comprehensible messages urge users to complete the intended website tasks and lead to the fulfillment of goals – subscribe, download, fill a form, make a purchase, donate, etc. Use of limited fonts and hierarchy maintenance (from heading to sub-heading, sub-sub heading, and so on) are a must to maintain a consistency in the communication.

SEO Ranking

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You might be surprised a bit, but it does help with search engine optimization. You have seen how typography helps you build a unique website, drive engagement and conversion. Google or any other search engines take all these factors into account while positioning a website in the SERP against users’ queries.

However, there are some caveats associated with typography selection, which you must discuss with your web design company.

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