Categorize Your SEO Strategy in 4 Steps

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SEO needs continuous updates and strategic interventions and it is difficult to stay up to date with latest changes introduced by Google and other search engines. Well-optimized websites that keep up with the changing algorithms and search parameters get increasingly more traffic after some time and that means more leads and deals.

SEO is the essential marketing strategy for businesses aiming to build a powerful online presence. Without appropriate SEO, your website will not show up in searches of relevant keywords. In other words, even the most chic looking and modern website can fall flat on Google rankings if the SEO is not on target.

Let’s show you how to design and execute a useful SEO strategy that will boost traffic inflow to your site and ensure your website shows up when your customers come looking for you.

On-Page SEO

The content of your site needs to be extremely SEO friendly. It should attract the end-user. Altogether, Google should also know that your content has the potential to offer incredible information

Let’s say, you have a Wellness blog and you cover topics such as “Healthy Living”. For the reader, the blog becomes useful if they can congregate useful information from it. This moment, you need to inform Google that your article has the potential to deliver fresh information to the reader. If you can impress both, Google and the end-user at the same time, half of your On-Page Optimization is done. The rest of the optimization depends upon adding relevant meta tags on your page.

In a nutshell, it’s evident that On-Page SEO is making your content useful along with the execution of some indicators for Google.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is all about the changes you need to do on your website to keep the search engine spiders satisfied and fed with rich content. Without tweaking your website content, you can optimize your website with juicy links pointing back towards your site. If your competitor sites are older and have great website content, your Off-Page SEO techniques come handy for achieving quick and long lasting results in improving your search engine rankings.

These techniques directly impact your domain authority and page authority. Expanded DA and PA helps in attaining better results in Google search. But remember, choose only White Hat techniques or you will find yourself out of the rankings game before you blink.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO works with making changes in your website design for mobile/ web or coding to optimize the website for SEO purposes. Technical SEO is a process of optimizing a website for the crawling and indexing phase.

The only things that you can change in your website, without making changes in content, can be considered as Technical SEO. Boosting your page loading speed by reducing code or page size works as a technical SEO activity.

Track and Adjust

SEO is an ongoing process. There is no set–it-and-forget-it an option. Keep track of your step by step improvement. Maintain a close watch on any increased and decreased data in search traffic to analyze the efficacy of your efforts. What is working and what isn’t? Digital Sprout’s effective SEO service will help you stay on top of your SEO efforts by analyzing keyword performance and traffic data regularly.

Have you started your SEO efforts yet? Drop a comment and tell us how’s it going.

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