5 Effective SEO techniques you can do yourself

5 Effective SEO techniques you can do yourself

Everyone is talking about SEO techniques and Google Ranking these days but very few mentions that it takes time and money to gain effective results. But today we are giving you a crash course on some effective SEO techniques that you can try on your own. So brace yourself and take some dedicated time out. Use these do-it-yourself tips to boost your site’s organic rankings.

1. Improve Title Tags

Often, we overlook the titles or just go crazy with keywords. Take some time out and check all the Title tags of your category pages. Do they make sense? Do they narrow down to your specific niche? All the tags should make sense to improve your organic search traffic.

2. Master Keyword Research

A sound SEO program is baseless without expert keyword research. However, you can also check out the paid and free tools available to generate keywords. Know the words and phrases of real searchers and determine which keywords to target. Don’t assume the keywords, research it.

Analyze the demand score for the keywords and weave your web content into an amalgamation of the highest searched keywords and their relevant ones.

3. Understand Your Competition

You need to have a hawk-eye and search for competitors from similar niche or relevant websites using the same keywords. Your SEO activities rely on outranking the competition organically. Also, search what services or products they are providing, what keywords are they using and see how you can compete with them.

4. The Most Effective among all SEO techniques: Optimize Your Site

Plan and implement on-page SEO by optimising web content. Update the content on every page using the target keywords. This is a little tricky because not only the final content must have all the keywords and make perfect sense but also add value. Don’t use the keywords blindly. You can launch a new, keyword-rich section, such a blog or education portal as well. Optimize all title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and body content.

5. Regular Content Management

Another effective way to the best search engine optimization is by generating new content. Produce Regular Value Content tailored to your target audience. Consistency is the key. The content may not always be text like blogs. Generating new images, infographics also count.

Other than these, some SEO techniques used by experts are:

● Boost Link Equity by fetching high-quality backlinks. This means to link topically-relevant sites on your website and vice-versa. Search for high traffic sites that will link your address to their website.

● As the number of people exposed to the content increases, so does the potential for links. Content is the key but communication is also a must.

● Build Your Social Media Network and get connected with your audience directly. Since it’s difficult to manage all on your own, find out which platform suits your needs and concentrate on that particular social media.

● Understand Google Analytics. It’s a free tool but can be overwhelming for novices. Take some time out to explore it and analyze what actions are bringing the best results.

No SEO techniques fit all businesses. Every e-commerce has their unique portfolio and therefore the SEO strategy also needs to be customized. However, the above is the general rules followed by all experts. Give it a try!

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