How Web Designing is Reforming eCommerce Business

If eMarketer has its way, in 2019, eCommerce sales are expected to grow 15.1% to $605.3 billion in the US while the total retail sales are to rise 3.3% to $5.529 trillion.

The below statistics from Statista also supports the claim. The visual data shows the number of digital buyers worldwide from 2014 to 2021 (in billions).

How Web Designing is Reforming eCommerce Business

Web designing is a crucial factor among the myriad factors that are still driving eCommerce and will continue to propel it to the new growth trajectory. Web designing is mapping the digital experience with the needs and psychology of shoppers.

If you own an eCommerce store or are thinking to get or create one, here are 5 big lessons to learn from the leading eCommerce brands.

Simplify User’s Journey like Walmart

Think why shoppers are shifting from brick-and-mortar shopping to digital shopping. They want to save time and avoid hassles of physical shopping. They want the perfect frictionless shopping experience.

Take a look at the Walmart Menu that unfolds on a desktop or mobile. Besides offering a well-defined list of categories, it provides users the options – Free Grocery Pickup, Reorder Items and Track Orders. Whether it’s your visit to shop more or track your order, you can do it without wasting your time. Grocery, stationery items, toiletries, etc., are ordered frequently. You don’t need to perform a new search and comparison. With one-click, you can place your order. Simplicity should be in the DNA of your web design.

How Web Designing is Reforming eCommerce Business


Give More Choices Like Kiindly

Users are just a click away from your competitors. If you they are not content with your options, they are likely to bounce from your site. Hence, its better you provide them with choices that make them stay.

Kiindly does one more thing which is worth noticing. Their shopping deals mention the shopper’s benefits, i.e., cashback. The design element makes a big difference to conversion. See the text and color combinations that makes head turn. Remember your customers don’t have time to explore through your pages or other sites to know their savings. They love shopping at stores that are upfront and transparent in their practices


How Web Designing is Reforming eCommerce Business

Image Credit: Kiindly Cashback Website

Help Users with Decision Making Like Myntra

Once you have showcased your products, it’s important to help shoppers make the decision and take the action you want – add to cart, checkout and successful payment and order placement.

Adjacent to the image and description of an apparel product Myntra places a measurement chart and explains the measurement components with a descriptive image as shown below. Customers can readily understand how the size or length of the product relates to their body. It’s essential that you don’t leave any space for guess making. An eCommerce web designer has to read the mind of the shoppers and provide the right experience that contributes to conversion or optimizes the conversion rate. What is conversion rate optimization?

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Provide Hassle-Free Checkout Like Amazon

Checkout complexity is one of the key reasons behind the shopping cart abandonment. It is the final step that determines if a visitor turns into a customer. Hence, it’s essential for an eCommerce designer to create a smooth checkout process. Make it easy for the customer to apply discount codes, fill in shipping details and check final prices before placing the order.

Go for A/B testing to understand what is working and what not. Integrate an intelligent web or mobile analytics tool with your store that can read and measure the user behavior and provide insights on it’s usability.


Provide Hassle-Free Checkout Like Amazon


Though eCommerce is growing by leaps and bounds, still a considerable potential remains untapped. eCommerce comprises only around 11% of the total retail sales. Are you ready to grab the opportunity and write your own success story?

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