Half Of Your Customers Shop on Mobile. Are You Ready?


Half Of Your Customers Shop on Mobile. Are You Ready?

If your business isn’t designed for mobile and if your customers can’t easily shop from your online store through their smartphones, you could lose half of your potential customers.

The latest data is out and a real eye-opener. According to the Holiday Recap 2018 study released by Adobe in December 2018, for the first time smartphones accounted for over half of all visits on retail spending online

  • Average daily online revenue exceeded $2B for the first time with 26 days of the 61-Day Holiday season exceeding that mark.
  • Smartphones drove 51% of the traffic for the first time (average daily visits) and nearly a third of the revenue 34% (average daily revenue)

In other words, the writing on the wall is clear – if your online store is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on the customers who use their device to buy things. And that club is exploding!

Get your Responsive Website Now

You must be having a responsive website. That is the norm now. What makes the difference is the way your website responds to your customers. Is it user-friendly? Does the design automatically reformat for all screen size so that your users can easily access your website no matter what device they are using? Are the call-to-action buttons easily accessible? Does it load quickly? Are your products well-presented with smooth, hassle-free checkout options?

To put it simply, a responsive website is not just about loading easily on the mobile. It is about creating an engaging responsive web design that appeals and attracts visitors, engages them and compels them to buy. It is about web development that is laser focused on catching the customer on the go.

Shoppers are increasingly moving towards making their smartphones their preferred device for shopping. According to a GfK study, 2018 saw 45% of respondents saying that their mobile device has become their most important shopping tool, a huge jump from 29% in 2017.

Improved Google rankings

A highly mobile responsive design also ensures a flawless browsing experience for users. A website that fares well on mobile speed tests and code checks is preferred by Google’s crawlers. It helps the website get higher search engine rankings in Google.

New Responsive Design Trends

Make sure your website gives a great user experience to your customers or they won’t stick around. And poor usability is bad news for SEO as well.

Several new responsive web design trends became popular and much sought after in 2018 such as creative typography, font resizing, elongated menus for vertical display, the  hidden toggle menu (otherwise also known as the 3-bar menu, hamburger menu and sliding drawer menu) and other such design elements.

The objective for all these new responsive design trends is basically the same – make it a pleasure for the customer to browse your site. Present as much is needed, cut out the frills, keep it simple and appealing and make it search-engine friendly.

Well, if you are looking towards making your online store be a revenue churner, you simply cannot afford to overlook how it fares on the smartphones. We are recognized as a leading web design Baltimore company with focused approach on delivering quality services as per your requirement. Whether you want to create a responsive website or revamp your existing one, get in touch with the expert designers at our Maryland web design company. Our professionals strive to exceed your satisfaction by resolving your issues and deliver the best result in the best possible time.

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