5 SEO Tricks To Improve Conversion Rate

5 SEO Tricks To Improve Conversion Rate

You invested a lot of money and efforts in website design and development. You are happy that you have a stunning website to showcase your product or service. Your website receives a great deal of traffic.  Awesome! But is that enough to generate revenue that matches up to your expected RoI?

If an online presence is unable to generate the desired number of leads, queries, orders, sign-ups, or anything that was intended, the whole investment would go futile. Wondering how to get that traction into your web presence and turn it into a propeller for your business?

Your trusted Maryland SEO Company brings you 5 SEO Secrets of 2019 that will drive your conversion optimization.

#1. Do Some Brainstorming on Web Analytics

Open Google Analytics or Yahoo Analytics to understand which pages are receiving good traffic but are not contributing to the conversion rate. Make a list of such pages in an ascending or descending order of traffic. These are the pages that need your attention first.

Review the content, including texts and visuals. Compare those with that of competitors. Infer from the differences and make a list of what you missed to get the visitors converted into customers or subscribers.

#2. Take Mobile Readiness Seriously

It is likely that the mobile is driving traffic to your website. If you or your website developer has not given enough attention to how your website displays on the handheld devices, you might be losing out on a big chunk of potential buyers.

Test your site against its mobile compatibility. Tools such as Google Search Console are great for identifying how compatible your website is on mobile devices.

The tool scans Mobile-usability errors and provides recommendations for improvement. If you have an in-house team of developers, share the list of recommendations with them or take help of a reliable digital marketing agency in Maryland.

#3. Improve Speed

The speed of a web page is an important factor that affects its SEO ranking and conversion rate both. Users are impatient, and so are the crawlers of Google. The web page must load faster across all devices that your audience have.

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Use Google PageSpeed Insights to check the speed or overall performance of your website on mobile and desktop separately. Pay heed to the recommendations you receive and get those applied.

#4. Offer Relevant and Dynamic Content

Your website content should respond to the user’s query in the most appropriate way. Personalize the user experience with dynamic content as most of the successful websites do. For instance, if you are a travel agent, your website must offer destination-specific content to users. If a customer has to book a flight ticket from Maryland to Los Angeles, he would be interested in knowing the best flight deals, airlines flying to Los Angeles, departure and arrival airports and times, and other relevant information before taking the action – booking the ticket.

#5. Apply Psychology to Elevate User Experience

You don’t need to be a psychiatrist or neurosurgeon to improve the conversion rate of your website. Our brain understands something better when things are organized well.

Go back to your school days. Recall the biology lesson: body>organ system>organ>tissues>cells>DNA>genes. The teaching always starts in this hierarchy. The right order helps an ignorant child to have a thorough understanding of the body gradually.

Your website must guide the visitor in a step-by-step manner to help him or her take the intended action. The content, navigation, breadcrumb, structured data, and other SEO elements should contribute to achieving that website conversion rate goal.

Hope you have found these SEO conversion rate optimization tips helpful. For an SEO consultation, reach out to your Maryland or Baltimore SEO company, Digital Sprout today.

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