Struggling to Lift Sales? Perhaps You Need A Website Redesign – Here Is How

Website redesign

Do you know that bad web design can impact sales and conversion rates? Poor web design needs a website redesign.

No matter which industry you belong to or what company size, even so, it’s essential that you take a well-thought-out approach to your web redesign. Analyze what is working, what isn’t, and what goals you would like to achieve. Or else you won’t be able to take advantage of your existing web traffics.

Signs You Need A Website Redesign:

When working on the same website almost every day, it becomes hard to tell when the site starts to become less effective. With numerous people going through search engine hunting for a business that can offer a service that they looking for, a powerful website that attracts the user to the conversion is important to a successful company. If you face the following problems with your website, it needs a redesign.

  • It takes a long time to load your site
  • The site isn’t contributing to business
  • Your shares on social media don’t get a good response
  • Your website is hard to use on mobile
  • Your brand, products, or services have changed
  • Visitors don’t stay on your website for very long
  • It is hard for visitors to find what they are looking for

If you’ve checked all the points than a website redesign is necessary.

How to redesign an existing website to boost conversion rate?

Website Speed

Website Speed

Redesigning your website is essential so it loads faster, while providing more intuitive navigation, and present better offers. If your site takes longer than usual to load, there are chances that the visitor might choose another option over you.

Website speed decides whether a user will take your services or not. If the loading time is slower, chances are that a user might not come back to you.

Put More Product Images on Display

How often you have selected a product at a retail store and checked it briefly? It is probably what you’d do for all the products you buy for the first time. Unlike a retail store, on a website, customers can’t certainly select the product to place the order.

However, you can offer them the best thing to make their shopping unforgettable: images and screenshots. The only text won’t help. People love to be surprised and emotionally connected with the product/ service before finalizing to purchase it.

Rectify Navigation

It is flabbergasting that how many website designers don’t design navigation to an extent or work on it only as an afterthought. A visitor requires to always know where they are on the site and where to go next.

Navigation should be worked upon alongside the business objectives of the website; e.g., products that are sold together could be added in the same category. Design menus, footers recommendations, and other features of the website with navigation in mind.

Testimonials and Reviews

If you want to build trust with your customer and want to improve your brand’s credibility, testimonial and reviews are must-have on your site. If experts are to be believed, human uses other people’s experience to make decisions.

For example, if one of your friends has appreciated the features of a newly launched TV, you are more likely to buy that. What if the same guy shares a negative review about the quality of the product? Would you still like to buy that?

Hence, incorporate authentic reviews of your services/ products on the webpage. Ensure to put good ones as they will be helpful to make your users take your service.

Call to Action Button

Many people don’t get that how crucial a “Call To Action” button is for your website. Almost all the interactions between you and your users happen through it.

One really needs to ensure that it attracts the user to click on it. And by all means, it should be clearly visible to the visitor.

The color and position of the CTA button play an important role. Ensure the color is highlighting and it is placed at the right position considering the visual pattern of the user.

Content Placement

The placement of content on your site is great to influence your customer’s decision. As per research, humans follow a visual pattern on the page.

When a user visits your website, he/ she follows the “F” pattern where the user reads from the top left side of the page and gradually moves to the right. The phenomenon is also known as the rule of third. Placing content in the ‘F” pattern can determine whether prospects click on the CTA button or not.

If you need guidance on the website redesign, Annapolis based web design Digital Sprout can help you. It allows us to enhance your design and functionality for a website that brings better conversion and sales.

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