Why On-Page SEO is Important for New Websites

On-page Vs. Off-page SEO optimization

On-page Vs. Off-page SEO optimization

It’s no brainer to conclude that setting up your home in order is essential before seeking support from the external world. “Your home” in other words is your website, and by “setting it up in order” refers to doing the right on-page optimization. Digital Sprout, the leading Maryland SEO Company, explains how on-page optimization helps your new website to drive traffic and engage visitors, and make you derive the best result out of your off-page SEO activities or investment.

Helps Stay Compliant to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

It’s important that you build websites that Google can easily understand, crawl and index. However, it’s no less important to help visitors use your pages. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against the below types of webpages.

1. Automatically generated content
2. Participating in link schemes
3. Creating pages with little or no original content
4. Cloaking
5. Sneaky redirects
6. Hidden text or links
7. Doorway pages
8. Scraped content
9. Participating in affiliate programs without adding sufficient value
10. Loading pages with irrelevant keywords
11. Creating pages with malicious behavior

From URL structure to navigation to content – it’s important for your SEO professionals to take note of everything to keep your website compliant to Google and helpful to users.

Helps Build an Engaging Website

High-quality content is an important pillar of on-page SEO optimization. Keyword research provides direction to your content creation or development strategy, and it helps the audience believe in what you offer. Textual or visual – no matter what types of content you create, it’s important for your copywriters and media creators to understand your business and through their storytelling methodology provide answers or solutions to the queries and challenges that users might have.

Helps you Create a High-Performance Website

Website or page loading time is an important factor that Google or any other search engine takes into account while ranking sites. It’s one of the critical determinants of the user experience. On-page audit helps you understand how much time your website takes to load on different devices and what enhancements are required to make it work better.

Helps you Deliver a Consistent Digital Experience

According to comScore data, an average household in the United States has 10 active, connected devices. Right on-page optimization enables you to build a consistent brand experience everywhere from mobile to non-mobile devices, provided you have got an experienced SEO professional to work on your website.

Helps You Make Most of the Recommendations

Job or any other recommendations work in your favor when you have the skills and ability to stay true to them. The same holds for your website. Off-page optimization creates a buzz about your website or brand. That is great! Now, to make good of those recommendations, build trust in visitors or customers who come to your site or take your services with the right navigation, content and user experience.

Helps you Drive Conversion

Organic, social, referral, direct – irrespective of the path that visitors follow in coming to your website, they deserve getting the best user experience. Provide

them multiple options when it comes to interact or engage with your site. For instance, if you run an eCommerce store, make product navigation and selection easier. The image below is taken from a bow making tools and accessories supplier, Bowdabra. Users can use the left-side menu or the search tool to find what they are looking for. Review or rating is provided at the bottom of the product to help users have the idea as what buyers thought about their purchase.


Image Credit: Bowdabra.com

Hope you found this SEO guide helpful in taking your website right on the high-speed digital highway. Comment your on-page optimization challenges, I will pick them up in my next SEO strategy update.

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