Static Web Design and Dynamic Web Design: What Suits for you?

Static Web Design and Dynamic Web Design

Static Web Design and Dynamic Web Design are essentially the two types of websites. Though, this can be puzzling because there can be static elements of a dynamic site and dynamic elements of a static site. As we stay into the age of website personalization and Progressive Web Apps, the lines become blurry between what’s static and dynamic.

What can be Static or Dynamic?

When debating whether a site is static or dynamic- half of the battle is influential about what aspect of the site you’re debating. The delivery of the page, code of the page and the client browser can all be well-thought-out either static or dynamic.


The code of a webpage can be either dynamic or static. This is fairly candid: static content is content that is hard-coded on a page. Dynamic pages are designed by referencing a CMS or some external database.


The delivery of a webpage can also be either dynamic or static. Static delivery is pre-condensed pages that are typically cached and delivered via a content delivery network or CDN. Dynamic pages are engendered in real-time at the time of the request by the server.

Client Browser

The browser can also mark whether a site is static or dynamic. Static sites continue the same for all who access it, regardless of browser. Dynamic pages can use client-side JavaScript to brand pages dynamic in real-time.

Differences Between Dynamic (Server Rendered) and Static (Pre-Rendered) Sites

As a rule of thumb, dynamic sites use server-side languages for the procedure of requests. It’s done at the time it’s made and produce a page and its contents in real-time. Static pages are pre-rendered, cached, and delivered to the user.

When we ponder back to the beginnings of the internet, the same content was displayed to every user through all the web pages displayed. Over time, websites integrated with databases powered by languages like Python, PHP, Ruby, ASP, Java, and more. This empowered sites to be dynamic, and display pertinent content to the user based on a setting or input.

Sites can be dynamically generated, cached, and served statically. Static sites can have dynamic components.

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