Why it’s Important to Have a Strong Brand Identity?

Why it’s Important to Have a Strong Brand Identity?

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints” —Jonah Sachs, storyteller, author, designer, and entrepreneur. Jonah narrated the importance of brand identity in a single beautiful sentence. Customer touchpoints are important to understand and address for every company. It is not for only fashion and luxury businesses to have a brand identity. Gone are the days when your brand lived on the cover of glossy magazines. Today’s digital media is highly demanding and holds much more power to make your business a success. However, without a brand identity, you are just another fish in the ocean.

What Is Brand Identity?

It essentially involves every content or visual presentation you put out that speaks about your brand and promote your business. It’s an art because each brand is bound to have a different presentation if focused on originality. The originality of your brand drives an authentic loyal customer base. There are numerous clothing brands but we know only a few and that’s the power of their brand identity and how they have placed themselves in the market. It involves your logo, brand name, values, focus audience, quality, advertising content, graphics used, social media presence, etc.Everything must be aligned.

What Do You Get By Putting Importance On Brand Identity?

1. Brand Identity Makes Your Company Look Bigger

In this time of digital media, you don’t have to own multiple factories and a huge team in-house to become a large brand. People are less likely to be interested in your turnover and experience, and more in your offerings and values. With the right social media marketing strategy, web design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in place, you can connect with a huge amount of potential customers and use that reach to show your superiority. Even a small group of people can come across as a big successful business with the power of brand identity done correctly by integrated marketing agencies.

2. Builds Loyalty And Trust

When people see consistency in your marketing content and values, it creates a trust that is irreplaceable. A customer who agrees with your brand values and has received great service in the past is likely to refer your brand to others and return for more as well. Keep up your good job and you can build a huge loyal customer base.

3. Conveys Stability Of Your Business

A consistent brand identity shows that you have accomplished a stable place in the market. This stability further helps in convincing your customers to be associated with your brand. We at Digital Sprout have even proven the benefits of brand building for crypto marketing agencies. Find your voice and stick to it. It pays off big-time in the long run.

4. Shows Commitment And Personal Pride

Stability shows commitment. When you are telling the same story and targeting the same customers by addressing their different needs, it shows that you care. Plus, it’s a way to show that you are proud to be who you are. In today’s time, this is one of the most important ways to attract customers. If you want to empower your customers or even serve them in any way, you need to be empowered yourself.

5. Market Your Products Better

People are tired of seeing the same marketing ways, hammering them through different notifications, and asking to buy this and that. With a strong brand identity, you don’t need to pursue your customers. Present your services and products in such a way that attracts customers to you. They would feel good to be associated with you. That’s the power of brand identity.

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