4 Core Elements To Boost Your Brand’s SEO Strategy


When you are trying to build your brand online, a solid SEO strategy is one of the major building blocks. It’s not something you do after you have launched a website and struggle to keep up with the ranking. More importantly, having an SEO strategy is way more than posting regular content on your website. It’s more of representing your brand website to the potential customer, in the right way. SEO is such a vast subject that I would request you to dig a little deeper and go through the relevant links included in this blog.

SEO enhances user experience and has a direct impact on lead generation and branding. If you are confused between the two terms. “Lead generation” & “Branding”, and thinking to take actions one by one, read our blog: “Lead Generation vs Branding: Understand the difference and significance!” These go hand in hand and for both of them, you need to have a strong, unique, brand-specific SEO strategy in play.

Search Engine Optimization is divided into two major strategies—On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO. We are going to discuss the elements that you need to focus on regardless of on-page and off-page.

Elements Of SEO Strategy And How To Use Them For Your Brand:

1. Content & Keywords

The word “content” is often misinterpreted with only the text that you put or upload on the website. Content comprises both the images and the text—basically whatever builds the website and communicates with the visitors. You might have come across the phrase “content is the king”. It builds the brand and also helps in lead generation. So optimizing the content should be your first priority.

Now, what do you do to optimize the content? Use Keywords. These two elements are so intertwined that I had to count them as a single SEO element. You must plan and sort the keywords that your brand will be known for. These are the words or phrases that will tell Google your brand identity. When someone searches with those keywords, Google will show your website. For example, if you have chosen the keyword, “digital marketing company Maryland”, and you have to write the web content in a way that dictates and conveys clearly your brand profile with exactly these words. Sure you can play around with the words. Read, “How to Write SEO Content?” for a better understanding.

2. Backlinks

Another major element is backlinks. Many may suggest that backlinking is overrated but the truth is that the experts still focus on the elements the same. If anyone says that backlinks are not that important, they are referring to unnecessary and junk ones. Google is watching and analyzing everything. So if you want to trick the algorithm with backlinks that don’t work or links that are irrelevant to your brand, it’s of no use. So how to use this element efficiently?

  1. Create useful and relevant content and advertise them so that people/influencers start to talk about them on their own websites. With so many brands in the market, you might need to crack a deal with the influencers.
  2. Post guest blogs on other related websites. Do not lose track of the brand identity.

3. Social Media

Today, Social Media is a major element of your Brand’s SEO strategy. Creating a social media account and posting regularly is not enough. Professional social media marketers know many tricks and the real pain to establish a brand on social media platforms. It involves many things and affects your branding actively in many ways. Read our previous blog: “5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing”.

4. Meta Tags

Meta tags come under the off-page SEO activities and play a major role in your brand’s SEO. Meta tags help Google identify your brand against the search terms or keywords. When someone writes something in the search bar, Google checks the relevance and comes up with the pages that use the keywords as their meta titles. The same goes for the meta descriptions. You must be clearly stating your brand’s purposes, values, services offered through the Meta Tags.

Very Important: Don’t use irrelevant keywords.

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