Are Google Ads worth It, Reasons for Choosing It

Are Google Ads worth It, Reasons for Choosing It
There are plenty of advertising methods and mediums to reach out to. Determining which platform would be a better fit for your business is challenging. The search engine giant Google offers a variety of services and the most successful of all is Google Ads or Adwords.

While thinking for the better performance of our business we always have the questions like- Is Google Adwords effective? Are we putting our money in the right place? Will this effort and pain give the desired results? Am I doing right by selecting Adwords? The answer is YES, at web design company Long Island, NY we take numerous steps to make Adwords the best choice while promoting your business.

In this article, we will guide you to understand the worth of Google Ads and why they are not just a hyped method of promotion.

1. Faster result delivery than SEO

Google Ads and SEO is search engine marketing strategies for generating more leads and traffic for businesses. With Adwords you can control your campaign anytime, anywhere you want. You can also focus on multiple keywords at the same time. And, ads appear always on the top of the search engine results which eventually get more visibility. It is less time-consuming compared to the traditional methods of promotion.

2. Easy performance measuring

It is difficult to get a laser-focused performance measuring with traditional advertising methods. With Google AdWords, a web design company Baltimore can examine what is working and what is not to achieve the best results. It gives the exact details of the campaign such as how many clicks your ads received, the amount of impressions and leads generated and the cost per click and per campaign with easy-to-use tools. You can dive deep down into the analytics to understand your consumer behaviour, needs, and aspirations and strategize your campaign accordingly.

3. Increase in brand awareness

Recent research has proved that ads have increased brand awareness on an average of 6.6 percent. Google AdWords not only gets you the conversions, clicks, and traffic, it also has a great role to play in brand building. It is a great tool for creating brand awareness, which translates into increased sales and brand recall

4. Step ahead of competitors

PPC or pay per click is a powerful feature of Google AdWords, which if used strategically can help you outrank your competitors. You can easily use ads by increasing your bidding on the correct keyword and seeing the results roll in in real-time. With the transparent system of ads, you could increase clicks and traffic in comparison to your competitors and boost your business’s online presence.

5. Widespread hands of Google

Whenever anyone needs to search or get an answer they reach out and find it on Google. Among them are those looking for solutions to issues that your company could provide; and if you can assist them in finding the answer, even if it’s through an ad, they’re more inclined to pick you above your competitors.

6. Spend as much as you like

Google Ads is a dynamic advertising technique that offers hundreds of keywords to bid on, with new ones introduced on a regular basis. When you build a pay-per-click advertising campaign, you define important criteria that enable the client to specify the budget. You choose how much you want to pay per click, and you’re only billed when someone clicks on your ad.

7. Available with several formats

PPC in AdWords are still text-based, businesses may take advantage of a plethora of tools to make their ads more appealing to prospective buyers. Advertisers can employ site links, ad extensions, social proofing such as location targeting, user reviews, shopping advertisements, and plenty of other options, giving them an unprecedented amount of personalization and control.

Google is a sea of searches and with endless options; you can take advantage of Google AdWords and see how much revenue you could generate via this high potential method. All you need is a clear strategy, sound knowledge of how Google AdWords work, a deep understanding of which keywords will be relevant for you, engaging content, and a keen acumen for digital marketing. The best way to do this is to hire professional help from a reliable website design and Search Engine Optimization services company.


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