7 Easy & Effective YouTube SEO Tips to Make Your Video Get Traffic

7 Easy & Effective YouTube SEO Tips to Make Your Video Get Traffic
YouTube also offers its own search system so users can quickly find the channels and videos they are seeking. According to a study conducted in 2017, YouTube has a higher number of searches than other search engines. In fact, 59% of executives prefer watching videos to reading text. Quite a few people, that’s for sure.

In this blog, we will show you exactly how you can drive more traffic to your YouTube videos using some simple (SEO) Search Engine Optimization methods which we also implement at web design company Washington, DC.

1. Research keywords

YouTube uses keywords to identify a video’s subject, index the content, and connect it to users’ searches. To leverage YouTube’s search algorithms, you must add the keyword’s incorrect density and placement to specific fields like title, tags, and description to earn the rankings. Use YouTube’s basic search bar as a starting point. It can also be useful as you can discover new keywords that are in great demand and thus increase the popularity of your videos.

2. Keyword-optimized video title

The video title is one of the areas where the keywords must appear. It is one of the most significant requirements in how YouTube indexes and ranks the video. For the video to be found, the title needs to be similar to the user’s keywords. As a result, connecting what your video is about with the need of your user will be important for getting your video visible on results pages.

3. Choose the correct video category

YouTube has a number of different category choices, so you should be able to choose one that matches your YouTube videos. When you upload your video, you can choose from the list of categories. Users can customize their search with the advanced search option given to see videos from selected categories. It is indeed necessary to relate your video with categories before posting it to increase your chances of being found by a user.

4. Optimized video descriptions

The description is another important field that must be filled in when uploading the video. This description should be as detailed as possible in stating what the video is about. YouTube will reassess any video component you edit or update, including video descriptions, subtitles, and closed captions, and thumbnails. Use the description to provide extra information and engage users in different ways.

5. Use hashtags (#) for video

Hashtags (#) are now widely used on social media to assist users to identify information that answers their queries across several platforms. In video descriptions, you can include relevant hashtags (#) to assist people to locate your video when they look for a particular hashtag. If you include a hashtag in the video title, hashtags from the description will not appear. When you include a hashtag in the video description, it will appear above the title and get hyperlinked. Add the most relevant hashtags to your description because no more than three hashtags get hyperlinked in the description.

6. Add Relevant Tags

Tags stay hidden but work wonders in your video’s rankings and visibility. Don’t skip the tags field because here you can add the generic keywords, phrases, category keywords, etc that best describe your video. For instance, if your video is about Christmas decor, remember to add Christmas decorations-related keywords in the tags.

7. Make a custom thumbnail

To make your video noticed make something that sticks out from the crowd and draws people’s attention. A good thumbnail leads to increased clicks and better visibility, adding a significant impact on your YouTube ranking. Thumbnails work as an advertisement for your video. When individuals look at YouTube search results, it is the thumbnail and the title that draw their attention.

In other words, video SEO is a powerful tool that can increase watch time, brand awareness, and sales. YouTube SEO can assure your video better visibility and ranking whenever a user searches for specific keywords. For better optimization, visibility, and rankings for your videos, get in touch with professional experts from web design company Long Island NY. Leverage experience and knowledge to get your video on YouTube’s top search rankings.

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