5 Steps to Take If Your Organic Traffic Has Dropped

5 Steps to Take If Your Organic Traffic Has Dropped

You go through the usual response whenever your organic traffic to the website decreases. There’s a sense of anxiety, confusion, and worry about how to get the traffic moving in the proper direction with immediate effect.

The most important aspect of any web design and SEO company in Baltimore MD is to produce and increase organic search engine traffic to a website. If you are a website owner or content strategist, you have definitely seen this happen several times; the website traffic suddenly decreases and you have no idea why.

There’s no need to worry because this checklist is here to help. When you observe a decrease in organic traffic, here are the five steps to follow to return to the top listing in search engines.

1. Check GSC or Google Search Console

The top of the list is checking your Search Console account for one simple reason: it delivers a plethora of data about your SEO statistics, allowing you to better understand what’s going on with your site’s organic traffic. As a result, Google Search Console must be your first point of action when trying to find out what happened to your online traffic.

2. Issue with Tracking Code

It is possible that the problem was not of traffic, but rather about reporting. This could likely be an issue with the Google Analytics tracking code; some modifications implemented to your website’s code could cause issues with the tracking code, resulting in reporting errors.

3. Update in Google Algorithm

We need to figure out if the website’s ranking has declined as a result of a Google algorithm change. If your traffic drops as a result of a Google change, it doesn’t necessarily indicate you’ve been penalized. If you do anything that might violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, you will lose traffic as a result of an algorithm upgrade.

4. Lost website links

One of several reasons for a drop in organic traffic is when your site loses links. There may be a significant decrease in backlinks, but there may also be indirect consequences. When the website loses a secure connection, Google perceives it as less credible, resulting in reduced search rankings, resulting in lower traffic.

5. Redesign and updates the website

Whether you recently had a site redesigned or updated and noticed a decrease in traffic, you should check to see if you have accidentally de-optimized or broken something on your website. Redesigns and updates of websites are difficult that can cause a myriad of issues by reducing organic traffic.

We understand your concern if you see a drop in organic traffic to your website. It might be frightening because less traffic means lower visibility, which leads to fewer leads and decreased revenues.

One of the most essential things to consider is to be calm. You can build a strategy to begin recovering if you follow these steps to determine the reasons why there was a decrease in organic traffic. Otherwise, you can contact the best-rated web design company and SEO service company in Maryland- Digital Sprout and its team to assist you at any time; kindly reach us for additional information.

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