5 Ways for Customer Engagement on your Ecommerce Website

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Every customer wants a diverse experience while shopping. This experience is the most differentiating factor for numerous successful business models. This is even more significant for E commerce businesses as they don’t have face-to-face interaction with clients. Today, competition is increasing at a very great pace and, product quality or price is no longer sufficient to distinguish your brand. A well-planned customer engagement strategy is needed to stand out. This makes your customers come back for more.

Engaged customers tend to buy more. Its 2020 and your E-commerce business if restructured can truly be a game-changer. Here are 5 Most Effective Ways to Increase Customer Engagement on your E commerce Website.

1. Enabling Visual Site Searches

For E-commerce, customer experience can be completely refurbished through visual searches. It gives shoppers the ability to click and upload images on a visual site search and then offered with clickable shopping pins. This leads to a much faster, fun, and personalized experience that is undoubtedly a great way to lift customer engagement, leading to greater brand trustworthiness. Make it a part of your process and inform your customers about visual searches and enhance their shopping experience.

2. Co-Browsing at Checkout

Not only can Visually engage and co-browsing at checkout will minimize the customers urge to compare but diminish card abandonment by directing them to quickly and securely complete complex transactions as well. It’s a win-win!
Not only this, with co-browsing you can come close to in-person support on an E-commerce site/platform. Customers see what the agents are doing to resolve their issues, making the process entirely transparent and increasing Ecommerce customer engagement.

3. Triggered Marketing Emails

According to a statistic, triggered emails tend to have a 70.5% higher open rate as compared to other types. The reason behind this is that customers expect these emails, like a welcome note after they create an account or on the order confirmation.
Triggered emails are pretty effective in engaging customers by providing them with the appropriate information, based on their actions as well.

4. Influence AI for Value-Add Push Notifications

Sending push notifications regularly is a very effective way of increasing customer engagement on your E-commerce website. This helps in keeping your customers aware and informed. Around 52% of app users find push notifications infuriating? Well, the solution is by gauging intent. This means that you can send tailored push notifications that excite your customers. This prompts them to interact with your brand.

Use a smart AI system based on analytics and section them according to pre-set criteria for more personalized communication.

5. Create a Store-Like Experience for your E-commerce website

A lot of people out there are uncertain about buying stuff like clothes or other lifestyle products such as furniture, as they can’t touch, feel, or try the products virtually. So, create a Store-Like Experience on your Ecommerce website, which is easily accessible and user-friendly. This will lead to an increase in Customer Engagement on your Ecommerce Website.

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