Digital Transformation: Reasons to Invest

Digital Transformation

ATL (Above the Line), BTL (Below the Line), or TTL (Through the Line) – no matter what you choose to take your brand to your audience without initiating digital transformation in the right way it’s hard to get the desired result, believes Digital Sprout, the leading web design and SEO company in Maryland.

Statista, the leading market research company, has some interesting facts and figures regarding the supremacy of digital space.

TV, film, print, and radio – digital time spent and content consumption has outpaced every other forms of media. A report on Time spent with digital vs. traditional media in the U.S. 2011-2020 by Statista shows that digital time spent has gone up from 214 minutes a day in 2011 to 451 minutes in 2020. In the same time range, the time spent with traditional media has dropped from 453 minutes a day to 363 minutes.

Here is what you get out of your digital transformation investment.

Widespread Branding at a Low Cost

Kids to adults, men to women, classes to masses – increasing internet penetration has made everyone a big consumer of digital content across smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. With effective digital presence followed by effective web marketing, social media marketing, and Google Adwords – you can easily reach out to your target audience and spread awareness about what you do and how you do.

Building a digital presence, starts with having an engaging website or mobile app. App or website design in Annapolis in MD demands a subtle attention towards the niche segments, and user’s behavior. These are fundamental requirements that must be fulfilled before you begin marketing of your product or service.

Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost

Quality of digital transformation complements your conversion-focused marketing campaigns – whether it’s getting subscribers to your blogs or newsletters, getting more app downloads, generating leads through email marketing, or getting sales or customers through PPC (Pay-Per-Click).  A better digital engagement leads to higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate) at a lesser CPA (Cost Per Click), which means your ad campaign runs at a lower cost but delivers a better response. In a nutshell, the customer acquisition cost drops. So, digital transformation supports your BTL marketing.

There are two more crucial factors that enhance your ROI further. Guess? On-page optimization and conversion rate optimization. They contribute to your organic as well as paid marketing. Invest in quality content development and fix UX issues with your website on mobile or desktop to get the desired outcomes.

Healthy Brand Reputation

Your digital assets create your brand’s perception. Engagement and performance of your website or mobile app influence’s your brand reputation. A sluggish website or mobile app discourages users to return. In absence of digital transformation, their bad experience can vent out on social and other platforms, which can affect’s the decisions of your potential buyers and even the existing customers. Hiring the best Annapolis website design company that has experienced digital architects can make a difference to the web or mobile user experience. The investment contributes significantly towards your online reputation.

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