Google AI updates: Bard and new AI features in Search

Google AI updates - Bard and new AI features in Search

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of our most significant technological innovations. Its impact is far-reaching, from aiding physicians in detecting illnesses at an early stage to facilitating access to information in diverse languages, have often been met by the human race in awe-inspiring gaze.

AI empowers individuals, organizations, and communities to realize their full potential much more effectively and efficiently. The overwhelming and perceptible advantages of the integration of AI with the sustainable progress of humankind have led many tech giants to leap into its vast pool of potential.

Being at the forefront of AI research and development for many years, Google has relentlessly brought new updates and features that leverage the power of AI to enhance user experience and facilitate a smooth transition into the world of AI.

Bard: A New Language Model

As per the latest Google AI Updates, the tech giant announced the release of a new language model called Bard. It is a part of Google’s ongoing effort to push the boundaries of what is possible with AI-generated content.

Bard is built on the GPT-3 language model and uses deep learning techniques to generate information from various sources. The model was trained on a massive dataset from worldwide and throughout history, giving it a rich understanding of a world powered by information.

Bard: A Step towards an Intuitive and Innovative AI Conversation

Now to get any information, all you need is a curious mind and the ability to frame your questions in a relevant manner that can generate a related response; the rest will be taken care of by Bard. Utilizing data sourced from the internet, Bard generates new, superior responses interactively.

Bard encourages inventiveness and acts as a platform for inquisitiveness, assisting in clarifying recent revelations from the James Webb Space Telescope by NASA, discovering additional details on the top-performing athletes, and receiving advice on enhancing one’s skills.

Steps for Efficiently Utilizing Google’s AI Language Model

Step 1: Enter your Email ID and Password on the Google Search Engine to get access to its features.

Step 2: Enter your Mobile Number or other credentials as prompted on the website.

Step 3: Once in the Chat Box, enter the Question or Query for which you wish to get an answer. The diversity of questions can only be limited by your imagination.

Step 4: Enjoy the magic of AI generating relevant information that you need instantaneously.


If AI performs as intended, it has the potential to lead a significant transformation in the presentation of online data to users. It can help synthesize insights for questions with more than one right answer.

Nevertheless, AI technology is far from flawless and remains in its early stages, despite its remarkable progressions that seem to emerge regularly.

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