GOOGLE ADS, BING ADS, or FACEBOOK ADS- Which You Should Invest In?

GOOGLE ADS, BING ADS, or FACEBOOK ADS- Which You Should Invest In?

It is no secret that using ads is a common and effective way of digital marketing. As a matter of fact, eCommerce development is not enough for your business because everyone is doing so. These ads make a difference, but you have to make a tough choice. Do you choose GOOGLE ADS, BING ADS, or FACEBOOK ADS? This article helps you make that choice with ease. Check it out!


These are the advantages and disadvantages of considering GOOGLE ADS as one of the SEO services to adopt.

Advantages of Goole Ads:

  • It has the largest audience, which means you get to reach a lot of people through the ads
  • When it comes to the targeted campaign, Google has also taken its demographics targeting feature a notch higher
  • Despite the high price, users get a return on investment that’s fair and worth the effort
  • As far as conversion rate is concerned, their ads are also excellent for the same
  • Your ads can appear on search results or web pages
  • You don’t need to spend more to rank on top as long as you create relevant ads
  • You are at liberty to bid for many keywords, which increases chances of reaching a larger audience


  • The high demand coupled with the stiff completion could see a business pay a lot for campaign costs
  • Google limits you to its audience, only leaving out the rest of the population that uses other search engines
  • GOOGLE Ads restrict some ads such as adult content, political issues, gambling, and alcohol

Effects Of BING ADS

What about choosing BING ADS for your digital marketing campaign? It also has its benefits and drawbacks, and here is a highlight of the two sides.

Advantages of Bing Ads:

  • The Ads not only reach the bing users but also advertises your business on other partnering sites such as Yahoo and AOL
  • As much as the search volume is relatively small, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with the cutthroat competition when it comes to visibility and keywords
  • Its price is pocket-friendly compared to what you pay
  • If you are targeting an audience above 45 years old, it is the most suitable alternative
  • It is possible to import Google ads once you choose to shift to Bing
  • You can use various criteria to group ads based on different targets, including language, location, and network, just but to mention a few
  • You can also target an audience based on the devices they use by considering the type and operation systems too


  • The number of people using Bing search engine is way smaller than that using Google, which means that you get to reach fewer people with this option
  • Its interface leaves a lot to be desired, making it tricky to use
  • The same case applies to its flexibility
  • Bing Ads also take a long time to roll out additional features
  • As far as automated bidding options are concerned, these ads are lacking indeed


These Ads also have their strengths and weaknesses, and here is a discussion on these SEO services.

Advantages of Facebook Ads:

  • What do Facebook users share? The content includes their interests, hobbies, and beliefs, among other personal information. Therefore, you can use that very exact information to target the most appropriate audience for your product
  • The audience is huge and global
  • Its visual content and how it is displayed make the ads quite compelling
  • Expect an amazing return on investment
  • It works best if your focus is branding


  • Ads are only available on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp
  • It may not be a great move if you are selling goods or services
  • Its audience still can’t beat Google’s reach


Once ecommerce development is over, you will have to start advertising. Fortunately, you now have the pros and cons of GOOGLE ADS, BING ADS, and FACEBOOK ADS. Ensure that you choose the one that suits your intent best, not forgetting to weigh the ups and downs to make the right choice for your business.

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