Local SEO Strategy for Plumbers and Plumbing Companies

Local SEO Strategy for Plumbers and Plumbing Companies

The majority of Americans use the Internet to find local plumbers or plumbing companies. Getting more leads and expanding your business opportunities in a cost-effective way can be achieved through SEO.

Companies that provide plumbing SEO services know how to rank your plumbing business on Google. An SEO company for plumbers can quickly achieve visible results with their expertise and knowledge of the plumbing industry. They can also help you with the keywords that homeowners use to find local plumbing businesses online.

Digital Sprout experts have outlined six critical points on local SEO for plumbers and plumbing companies in this blog post. These points will help your business rank on Google’s first page.

1. Choosing the right keywords: Keywords that relate specifically to the plumbing services offered by your company will drive the most business to your company. According to our plumbing marketing service expert among the keywords that work well for local SEO are research keywords and hiring keywords. You’ll place less priority on research intent keywords in your SEO campaign, but you can use them in blog posts or FAQs on your site. Local SEO campaigns that are based on keywords that indicate hiring intent will produce the best results. Your plumbing website homepage should contain these keywords, as should the descriptions on your services page.

2. Keyword optimization: Your Google My Business page and your website pages are the most important places to optimize your keywords. Having a Google My Business page optimized for local plumbing services will allow prospective customers to find your business. You should claim your business page and verify it before you begin optimizing for Google My Business. The homepage of your website and your service pages can be optimized after your Google My Business page is completed. The home page and the services pages will be optimized first on your website. Keywords related to hiring intent will play a key role in these pages of your website.

3. Content creation: Make sure your content is written correctly and without grammatical or spelling errors. You ought to include the necessary information about your plumbing business on the homepage of your website, such as the services you provide, your background, and call-to-action buttons that will encourage potential clients to contact you. You can present more focused information about your services if you create a separate page for each, which will boost your SEO results. As opposed to core pages that communicate hiring intent, FAQs, blogs, and about pages will use keywords that indicate research intent. Our content team suggests blog posts should be at least 300 words. However, if the subject calls for more, you are welcome to write up to a thousand words.

4. Reviews: A bunch of great reviews on your Google My Business page will help your ranking for searches and will persuade potential customers that you are the best in town. Customers trust third-party reviews more than companies. If you would like great reviews, send an email with a link to your Google My Business review section asking for customer reviews. Sending requests for reviews to all happy customers is something our SEO experts suggest our clients do. As a result, positive reviews posted to Google My Business pages will lead to increasing customer numbers and high rankings for local searches.

5. Link building & citations: An example of a citation is a listing of your business on other websites, such as your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number). Make sure your NAP is visible on your contact page and in the footer of each on the website. Lastly, ensure both your website and Google My Business account are displaying the same NAP. When your NAP is consistent, you can apply to various directories, such as plumbing directories, general business directories, and local directories. Links that point to pages on your site from other websites are highly regarded by Google. A key part of your SEO strategy will be acquiring links from legitimate sites like directories. We can help you find new opportunities to link to plumbing industry-related websites by expanding your link profile with new directories.

6. Results tracking: You can observe your page rankings to learn about the performance of your campaign, including the number of impressions, clicks, and visitors to your website. Google Analytics will be installed on every page of your website by our SEO experts so that you can monitor your traffic. To understand your SEO traffic growth, we recommend reviewing your traffic metrics monthly. Google Analytics can track phone calls and conversions for plumbers, and phone calls are one of the most typical conversions.

Now Let’s Get Started

Having figured out what your plumbing company needs to do regarding local SEO, you can hire a professional plumbing marketing company. At Digital Sprout, our plumbing SEO experts are passionate about helping you attract local customers who are looking for plumbers near them. You can reach out to our experts today if you are looking to expand your business locally with an SEO campaign. As plumbing SEO experts, we know what it takes to beat your competition.

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