6 Proven Ways to Increase Conversion Rate on Your Website

6 Proven Ways to Increase Conversion Rate on Your Website

Every day, hour, and minute, you keep checking conversion and conversion rate. We understand its importance. We are transforming local businesses into global ones with our digital marketing services, including website design and SEO marketing in Maryland (MD). Here is a round-up of the successful action plan to optimize your conversion rate, i.e., converting website visitors into customers.

#1. Avoid distractions

When customers have moved to the check check-out page, they should not find any distracting things on the page. Keep only what matters and nothing else. Product/service, payment and billing details, privacy protection, warranty, etc. are important aspects that must be included. Some vendors try to bring upsell and cross-sell objectives here, but that shouldn’t derail your conversion objective.

#2. Trust is a priority

Purchases are driven by emotions and needs but it’s the trust that makes conversion happen. When you expect users visiting on the checkout page to purchase your payment, it’s important you win their trust. Give them 100% assurance that the purchase or service they aval will help them reach their goals. There are many trust-enablers like using an SSL certificate, building data safety confidence, hassle-free cancellation and return. Ask for only important information you need to process their orders. Asking too many things trigger unnecessary doubts and affects your conversion rate.

#3. Multiple payment options

The availability of more payment choices increases the conversion rate. It’s a proven thing. Do not lose customers or let them abandon their carts due to the absence of their favorite payment option. It’s more important on mobile devices. Try to rope in all popular mobile payment apps. It will make things easier and faster for the customers to complete the checkout.

#4. Avoid unexpected fees or charge

Make the checkout process a hassle-free experience on desktop, mobile, and everywhere. Unexpected additional charges and fees can irritate potential customers and make them look for your competitors. Instead of discouraging shoppers at the end moment, you should bring some reward options to encourage them to take action and stay with you as loyal customers.

#5. Optimize checkout for mobile

Though mobile users have increased on eCommerce sites, the conversion rate remains a concern. Online retailers lose almost 86% of their mobile customers due to shopping cart abandonment. Create a perfectly responsible site, particularly, the checkout so that you don’t disappoint users. Hire the right website design company in Annapolis to deliver a flawless shopping experience to smartphone users.

#6. Fix performance issues, errors, and crashes

It’s disheartening for both customers and businesses to see the checkout page crashing or turning into an error page. Buyers spend a lot of time and effort in narrowing down to their favorite products and they hate if something unexpected happens. This is also a revenue loss if you are a business owner considering the investment you make in your digital strategy – from website design and development to SEO or paid marketing. Troubleshooting the problems on time will help you optimize conversion rate and reduce your cost of customer acquisition.

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