5 Reasons Your Website Is Not Ranking on Google: Digital Sprout Guide!

5 Reasons Your Website Is Not Ranking on Google

At Digital Sprout, we understand that not every business has the required budget for SEO services. Small businesses and new websites often struggle to get the top rankings or even first page rankings on Google. If you have optimized your web content multiple times, but the results are still not satisfactory, the core reason must be found and dealt with. As the top digital marketing company in Annapolis MD, we help you optimize your website to make it a full-time business. Read on to know about the probable reasons that your website is not ranking and how to combat them.

Here Are 5 Common Reasons Why A Website Fails To Rank:

  1. When we audit a site for a new project, most of the time we see a lack of keyword positioning. Some have no keywords anywhere on the site and some have them wrong. Keywords are fundamental as they help trigger the Google algorithm, telling what your website is about. That being said, you must use the keywords carefully with the content and avoid keyword stuffing.
  2. Another common mistake is having bad content or no content at all. There must be an optimum amount of content and that too original. Duplicate content only penalizes your website. How much content is right? Check out any top-ranking website of your business niche to understand. Original, engaging content is key to website ranking.
  3. If the website is built on complicated site builder platforms like Wix, or, Squarespace, it becomes extremely difficult to get good ranks. These templates are built on a lot of extra codes that make them notoriously difficult for all major search engines.
  4. Lack of quality backlinks and interlinking is also another reason for low search engine rankings. Google or any other search engine aims to show the users the most reliable and quality content. Earning good quality backlinks is time-consuming and also requires experience and good connections. It is a key SEO tactic to boost your site and a primary tactic of all SEO professionals.
  5. Most people today are accessing the web from mobile devices. If your website looks good on computers but is not responsive for mobile phones and tabs, it’s a huge disadvantage. Responsive web design is a mandate to rank on Google in 2022. Digital Sprout, based in Maryland, has an expert team of web designers who can help you to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive throughout all devices.

Have you ever wondered how professional SEO and digital marketing experts assess the flaws? We do it with the help of tools and experience. Although some of our expert tools are difficult to access, there are a few you can use on your own. These tools show analysis of your website health and you can get a clear idea about how to improve.

4 Tools to Identify & Fix a Website Not Ranking in Google:

1. Google Search Console:

If you are not familiar with Google Search Console, set up an account today. It is a great tool by Google itself to help you identify if the site has been crawled, if it is indexed or if there are redirect errors. If there are crawl errors, consult with web developers and fix them immediately.

2. Duplicate Content Checker:

If you are not sure if your web content is authentic or original, there are many content checkers you can try. Copyscape is one of the most popular and easy-to-use duplicate copy checkers. Give it a try!

3. SEO Analyzer Tools:

It’s better to have a clear idea than shooting arrows in dark. SEO has many aspects and can be overwhelming to keep up with all the algorithms. SEO analyzing tools like SEMrush, Yoast, Moz Pro, can help you closely examine your website to gain a better understanding of how well the site has been optimized and what can be done to help the site improve.

4. Backlink Checker:

Outside source links, be it your own social media or other activities or any mention of your site across the web, are called backlinks. The more authentic and high-quality mentions, the better. There can be a few technical reasons that your website is not indexing the backlinks. Also, the links may be of low quality and spam in Google’s analysis. Try backlink checkers to find out if there are any gaps and take steps to generate more quality backlinks.

Try all these tools and audit your website. If the website is still not ranking on Google, or, it’s overwhelming to properly analyze and optimize, contact us!

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