5 Essential SEO tips to boost website ranking | Complete guidance for beginner

5 Essential SEO tips to boost website ranking

Building a website, is quite easy, as every now and then you see tons of websites get published on the internet.

On the other side of the coin, only a few get worthwhile success. Why is it so?

Briefly speaking, it’s due to the best SEO practices adopted by successful bloggers or content marketers.

As a beginner, you might be ambivalent about what to do and what to do not to boost your website ranking.

Stop scratching your head and pay attention to the five essential SEO tips to boost your website ranking in this article.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Most newbies learn about SEO, yet find themselves doubtful about it. Partly because the information arouses more questions than resolve answers.

That’s why the real concept of the term is often shrouded in mystery.

In simple terms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of practices or techniques that a webmaster or a blogger adopts to get his website ranked in Google searches.

So, when someone searches for anything in your industry, your website appears in the results.

It’s isn’t what it was when Google launched. Initially, the ranking was like a piece of cake. Because there were fewer websites for a particular industry and Google algorithms weren’t so perfect to filter out the best results.

Now SEO has evolved and needs specific heed to get the best techniques into practice to rank your website.

Thus to get the preferred ranking position, keep an ear to the ground and stay abreast with the current trends in SEO as well as Google’s algorithms.

The ten essential tips of SEO:

According to current trends, the following tips are a must for a beginner in SEO.

Probably, you have an e-commerce website and want to sell your items to your customers, or you are a blogger-cum affiliate marketer wanting to get more readers to earn a few more bucks.

Apply these tips to your website’s SEO strategies and thank us later.

Write engaging titles and descriptions:

Since your titles are the first face of your web content. You can not get away with it. Ignoring titles and meta description lead you nowhere.

So, you must write titles according to the Google guidelines. Do not prolong titles but try to make it engaging. Adding numbers can help you get more traffic.

Similarly, meta descriptions are very much vital for your content. Meta description acts as the provoking insights that cajole the readers to click your website.

Do some keyword research:

Have you ever read about RankBrain algorithms? If not, don’t worry, most of us don’t know.

Coming to the point, RankBrain is Google’s search algorithm that checks your content’s quality regarding its keyword density and versatility.

It checks how diverse your keywords are. This naturally comes towards LSI and other keywords that do not appear as the exact words.

The more secondary and synonymous keywords your content has, the better chances it gets to rank on the first page.

It is a kind of AI-based algorithm that decides whether your content is free from any keyword stuffing and is semantically relevant or not.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to search and find the best keywords with low competition and high search volume.

There exist several tools that help you find the best search keywords. Some of them are Google keyword planner, Google trends, and ahrefs.

You can insert the industry name or the primary keyword of your article to get the related searches.

Moreover, you can use Google suggestions to let yourself know about other things people search on the internet.

Write relevant and unique content:

Although relevant and unique are two different terms, in Google’s eyes they evoke the same result. Thus, you need to make your content to the point and different from others.

Why does Google ask you to write a unique content? Since Google isn’t a human who fetches your content and finds similarities. Google has designed its algorithms that automatically find if your content is similar to someone else.

Speaking about uniqueness and not telling Panda algorithms wouldn’t be less than a mistake. So Panda is a powerful algorithm that gauges your content’s quality and finds of its copy.

It de ranks your low-quality content and can even penalize you for plagiarizing someone’s content. Therefore it’s better to check your content with a plagiarism checker after completion.

The best reason behind such scrutiny is that Google is a company. The people who search are its customers who rely on Google for the best possible results.

Google wants to maintain its credibility so it has to crack down on the plagiarizers. Plagiarized content is useless because it doesn’t tell anything different.

Readers demand new insights and fresh content. Getting plagiarized content on Google devalues it in the mind of the reader.

Thus to forestall any penalty issues or loss of traffic, you need to paraphrase online your content to remove plagiarism and create unique content.

In this way, you not only keep the penalty at bay but also create an impression among your readers.

Vouch for backlinks:

Since unique content plays the cardinal role in ranking, given that the content is king. Yet, you also have to focus on other factors than simple content.

To get the first rank, you have to develop your content’s links among other websites. IT called domain authority improving.

Though there exists severe competition among the rivals, you can still find cooperation among them.

Because business can’t flourish in isolation. It needs several marketing tricks to get to the epitome of success.

Unique content gives you natural backlinks. These are your website’s URLs that other websites place in their content.

It increases your domain authority. If you don’t what your and your competitor’s DA is, check da pa of the websites.

In this way, you would know where your website stands among other players in the industry. Use guest posting and e-mail marketing to outreach other webmasters for backlinks.

Write for your readers:

Most beginners are so obsessed with Google’s ranking factors that they oversee the importance of their readers.

They forget that humans read their content. Therefore, they fail to build a reasonable audience. Getting tons of readers on your website isn’t so easy.

However, you can do that by making your content readable and easy to understand. Moreover, you have to give a concise idea of your text in the introduction as well as conclusions.

Readers generally skim the text and only read introductions. For this purpose summarize your text with a text summarizer to give a glance of what your content is about.

With that said, avoid fancy jargon and be precise in your writing style.

Final words:

Getting into the deep sea of SEO is a worthwhile experience as you get to know the amazing tips to rank your content.

The above-mentioned tips are the holy grail for content marketers and bloggers. Try them out and tell us in the comment section.

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