10 Actions Your Paving Company Can Take To Get More Leads

10 Actions Your Paving Company Can Take To Get More Leads

Paving is a lucrative business. You can expect plenty of business to come your way if there are number of local property and business owners looking for paving repairs and maintenance or getting updated paving. You can easily convert potential customers when you have leads. However, finding leads for business can be difficult and time-consuming.

This list of 10 actions from the experts at Digital Sprout will help you generate leads for your paving business:


The internet is the most popular search engine and customers expect to find you there if they want your services. Users should be able to navigate your website easily, and it should be professional and informative. A paving company website can be built with the help of experts at Digital Sprout. You need a quality website for your company if you want to remain successful in the pavement industry.

Social Media

Engage your followers by sharing your posts regularly on popular platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can engage potential customers with appropriate taglines, keyword phrases, and informative posts by working with experienced digital marketing services for paving companies.


SEO techniques ensure that the words and phrases your potential customers are actively searching for can be found on your paving company’s website. It is advisable to invest some time in local SEO if you want to target specific areas, as it optimizes your website with localized keywords so that you can reach out to them.


Paving businesses can take advantage of pay-per-click advertising to grow their business and come out on top in search engine results above their competitors. Make sure your keywords target the right audience in order to get the desired results from your PPC campaign. You should review your campaigns regularly and make any necessary adjustments. For more information on online marketing for paving companies, contact our experts.

Email Marketing

Engaging your audience requires personalized, cohesive messages in your email marketing campaign. Regular communication with your customer base can be achieved through an email marketing campaign. You can send promotional emails such as pictures of a large project you have just completed or a new service that can attract prospects.

Link Building

Your website can provide quality links if it is well-optimized and has regular, informative content. Your website will then rank higher in the search results as it signals to Google that your site is reliable, legitimate, and, credible.


Everybody reads reviews before purchasing a product or hiring a service provider. A favorable review on Google or on Facebook may be helpful to your customers who may be looking for quality providers. Reviews provide you with an opportunity to interact with your customers and build loyalty.

GMB Profile

You can display the address, hours of operation, website link, and other relevant information about your business to online users by creating a Google My Business listing. Your website’s contact page or footer can also include a link to your Google Map so that local users can find your services easily.

Content Marketing

A paving company website could have blog posts that contain keywords related to the services and the area you are looking to target. Content that pertains to your paving business’ niche will not only help you rank higher on Google but will also reassure visitors that you are a reliable and renowned business owner in specific areas.

Video Content

People pay attention and approach you when you upload a video of your team working on a project. Having well-produced videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook allows you to reach many more potential customers. You can also send these viewers to a web page where they can buy your services and turn them into paying customers.


It is successful to generate leads when you can observe which of the above marketing efforts are working in your favor and which are not. You will surely generate leads and convert them into paying customers when all of these tips and tricks are applied correctly.

Digital Sprout has worked with a number of paving companies for several years now, and we understand the unique needs of each company. We have digital marketing experts, web designers, and online marketing experts who can do wonders for your business. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and start generating leads for your paving business.

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