How to Optimize Google My Business to Improve Local Ranking?

How to optimize Google My Business to Improve Local Ranking

Today, businesses need to be visible on Google to be successful. Business owners know that this requires business franchise SEO and website optimization, but they don’t know that their Google My Business listing also needs to be optimized. It is a powerful tool for listing your business and allows potential customers to learn about your business and engage with it quickly and easily.

A Google My Business profile that is optimized helps consumers choose your business over competitors, but it is also effective for local marketing if the ranking is optimized. Here are six tips from Digital Sprout on how you can improve your local ranking with the Google My Business promotion.

Set up a Google My Business account

To connect your Google Business Profile to your Google My Business account, you will need to set up a Google My Business account. Sign in with your regular Google/Gmail account and create an account at An account with Google My Business is not the same as a Google Business Profile.

All sections must be completed

You can rank higher in local search results when your Google Business Profile is complete, and it will also encourage customers to take action when they find your profile. It is best to prioritize the information to be provided since it is extensive. Name, address, phone number, and website are the first details you should add to your profile.

Select the appropriate category for your business

Businesses can describe themselves in more than 3,000 categories on Google. By using these categories, customers can find accurate, specific results for the services they are looking for. It is possible to assign a primary category to a business profile, as well as subcategories within that category. It is very important to choose a category for your GMB that describes your business comprehensively. According to SEO specialists, it is essential for Google’s local rankings.

Adding business services

Another way to increase your profile’s relevance is by listing services on your Business Profile. Depending on your business category selection, Google will suggest services. If your business does not offer a service listed by Google, you can add a custom description of the service and a price to Google.

Add Google posts to your profile

Using Google My Business posts, businesses can create a sense of brand identity and communicate with their customers. Similar to social media updates, Google Posts can promote content and special offers, as well as share business announcements. The site also serves as another way to reach users who want to learn more about the company or are actively searching for your services.

Take action on Google reviews

Google My Business is becoming more popular as a source of ratings and feedback from customers. More reviews and positive ratings on GMB listings can improve the local SEO ranking for local businesses, as Google has confirmed. Responding to Google reviews is essential for building trust as it will improve your ranking as it will build trust.

Let’s optimize your Google Business Profile with SEO for local rankings

When it comes to local SEO, your GMB profile is just one way to maximize your online presence. Gaining an edge on your competitors and boosting your local rankings can be done in many different ways.

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy can help you improve your search engine visibility. You can talk to the experts at Digital Sprout to identify these prospects. We’d love to help you with your business. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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