How to Build a Unique Brand Online in 2023

How to Build a Unique Brand Online in 2023

It’s typical of highly competitive online markets with low entry barriers to have products with very few features to differentiate them from the rest of their competitors. In such markets it is common to drive growth in sales volumes through brand differentiation. But then if all the products in your industry are so similar, how do you establish a unique brand online in 2023?

What is Brand Identity?

For the common man your brand is what you appear to be to your customers on the outside – from the colors of your website to the content and marketing collateral you give away. Building a unique brand identity is not just about being different. It’s about being memorable, being worthy of your customer’s trust, and being likable.

Craft a Strategy

The first step in developing a brand is conducting proper research. That research should include finding out who your ideal customer is, where she hangs out, what her disposable income is, and when she is most likely to buy.

Find out what your ideal customer’s pain points are in relation to the product you propose to sell. Find out how your competitors are solving that problem for them. Now break down both the process of arriving at that pain point and the process in which that problem’s solution is arrived at. Is there something that your competitors are missing? Is there a preference of a certain sub-class of users of the product in question that is not being addressed by the current solution?

Be creative and use brainstorming to arrive at answers to the above questions. Have people fill out survey forms (You can use Google forms and even pay people to take your surveys without prejudicing their responses). As you try and discover unique user pain points, try not to be influenced by your own pre-conceptions. Don’t rush to a predetermined conclusion. The more unbiased your research the more distinguished your conclusions. And the more different your identification of a pain point the more successfully you can predict a likable solution.

Once you have the desirable solution, modify your product and package it accordingly.

Design Logos and Other Symbols to Match Your Solution

Unless you’re a professional visual artist yourself, you may need to hire a web designer to expertly develop logos and symbols that are able to convey your brand uniquely. “A design expert is uniquely trained to identify and interpret color palettes, bring together shapes and curves, and bring content to life with appropriate typeface,” says an expert from Digital Sprout, leaders in web design, SEO services and eCommerce Maryland.

Use SEO Services to Promote your Brand Online

Search engine optimization is both a science and an art to be done right in 2023. You need to plan, draft, and publish your content by timing the market and match buying cycles. You can achieve similar results through paid marketing. However, you will find that you start losing users as soon as you stop paying for ads.

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