6 Research-Backed Tips for Resolving Customer Complaints via Phone

Tips for Resolving Customer Complaints via Phone

Data from a recent Business wire report reveals a sobering statistic: just 14% of customers firmly agree that retailers provide an optimal experience. This underscores the widespread belief that industries are not committed to providing superior customer care. Are you prepared to defy this status quo? Read on as we delve into practical, research-based tips […]

Use These Smart Techniques To Lower Cost-Per-Lead On Google Ads

Reduce CPL on Google Ads

As per a 2021 survey of B2B marketing leaders in the US, 35.4% reported buyers failing to grasp their offering’s value—and that made it hard for them to obtain qualified leads. This predicament, along with many others, inevitably escalates cost-per-lead (CPL) in marketing campaigns due to fewer available leads. For instance, if your total ad […]

Maximize Your Potential: An Introduction To A/B Testing In Pay-Per-Click

A/B Testing In Pay-Per-Click

In 2022, global spending on search advertising reached a whopping $185.35 billion— an amount expected to reach almost $261 billion by 2028. Why do companies allocate significant resources to marketing and advertising, including pay-per-click (PPC) ads? The answer lies in their efficient testing strategies, which include A/B testing, among many others. Whether you’re simply curious […]

Google’s Generative AI: A Paradigm Shift In Search Engine Optimization?

Google's Generative AI and SEO

In 2019, Stanford University revealed that AI is evolving faster than Moore’s law, which states processor speeds double every two years. Companies are under pressure to keep pace with these advancements. Not long after introducing Bard, Google announced a transformative change in their users’ search engine experience: generative AI. This is an innovation that follows […]

Navigating PPC Strategy: Advantages and Risks of Competitor Brand Bidding

Competitor brand bidding

When starting to deal with pay-per-click (PPC) ads, many are stunned to discover that bidding on a competitor’s brand is not only possible but entirely legal – at least when it comes to keywords. Google only imposes restrictions if a trademark appears in a competitor’s ad copy or if it’s used deceptively, causing confusion or […]

Navigating the Ad Arena: Google Local Services vs. PPC – Which Way to Go?

As businesses strive to enhance their online presence and engage with customers in the digital age, Google Local Services Ads and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads have emerged as two powerful advertising tools. But which one is the right choice for your business? Is it better to focus on hyperlocal ads that cater specifically to your neighborhood, […]

Unlocking Google Maps Ranking Secrets for Business Success

Google Maps ranking secrets

Have you ever searched for a local service on Google Maps and wondered how certain businesses manage to stand out among the rest? That’s the power of Google Business rankings, and it’s crucial for getting maximum exposure for your local business. An optimized Google Maps listing can drive more traffic, increase customer engagement, and ultimately, deliver more business […]

Is ChatGPT The Future Of SEO?

Future of SEO with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The world is abuzz with excitement as artificial intelligence (AI) reshapes industries across the globe, and search engine optimization (SEO) is no exception. At the epicenter of this thrilling transformation stands ChatGPT, a groundbreaking sibling model to Instruct GPT that’s been turning heads since its debut. So, what does this incredible innovation truly mean for […]

Unraveling the Mystery: How Does Google Rank Websites?

How does Google rank websites

Ever found yourself pondering just how Google decides which websites make their way to the top of the search results? While the precise nature of Google’s search algorithm remains a closely held secret, we can still gain insights into its inner workings. Numerous factors play a role in deciphering how Google ranks websites, and it’s a […]