5 SEO Ranking Factors to Increase Web Traffic in 2023

5 SEO Ranking Factors to Increase Web Traffic in 2023

If you are keen to learn about the top 5 SEO ranking factors to increase your web traffic in 2023 through search engine optimization in Maryland, you are at the right place. Let us learn about these top factors:

1. Page Speed

In recent years, the importance of page speed as a critical ranking factor has increased by leaps and bounds. After all, all users feel frustrated when web pages take time to load. Google made this ranking criterion for search results on mobile in July 2018. Users want quick answers to their queries, while data exhibits that most of them care about how fast the web pages load.

The search engine giant has confirmed that it is an important ranking factor. They have also developed a tool called Page Speed Insights to assist the owners of the website to optimizing the page speed.

2. Mobile-First Indexing

Many experts believe that mobile-first indexing will be one of the top-ranking factors in the current year. It means Google primarily uses the mobile version of the content for ranking and indexing. Previously, Googlebot predominantly used the desktop version of a website to ascertain the relevance of a web page to a search query. However, it has now migrated to mobile variants.

The reason behind its increasing popularity is over 50 percent of the total web traffics is generated from various mobile devices. It also means that Google gives higher priority to the mobile version of a website in comparison to the desktop version, while indexing and crawling your website.

3. User Experience (UX)

User Experience has not only been a crucial factor while designing websites but is critical for SEO too. Did you know that Google’s algorithm gives priorirty to those sites that offer a positive user experience? Some such factors include ease of navigation, quicker loading times, and clarity in a call to action.

Established website designing farms in Maryland ensure their clients’ websites have an intuitive and clear navigation structure. Such websites should have forms that are easy to use but also a design, which works for both mobile and desktop devices. These websites should also implement user-friendly features like live chat or chatbots to ensure users enjoy a personalized and seamless experience.

4. High-Quality Content

Who can ignore the importance of content when it is about SEO in Maryland? We are also certain that it will continue to have a similar impact even in the current year. After all, Google’s algorithm offers high preference to relevant and superior quality content responses to users’ queries. The content of your site should be informative, and engaging, and provide rich insights.

It is imperative to note that a reputable website company in Maryland should ensure their clients’ websites have a dedicated section for blogs. The clients should keep posting new content regularly in this section. This will definitely help to improve their search engine rankings.

5. Backlinks

Backlinks are a powerful tool to draw traffic to your site. You must be aware that These have been one of the top-ranking factors in SEO for quite some time and are here to continue in 2023. So, what are backlinks? These are links from other websites, which point to your website. Their job is to send a signal to the search engine giant (Google) about how relevant and valuable your website content is.

Therefore, website design agencies should prioritize building superior quality backlinks from reliable sources in their clients’ industry. They can achieve it by using the following tactics:

• Influencer outreach
• Guest blogging
• Developing shareable and valuable content


Maryland website design firms should take into account local SEO tactics in addition to these five SEO ranking considerations. For companies that cater to a particular region, local SEO is a crucial component of SEO.

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